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Ag Ads® Advertising Information    

Ag Ads® delivers nationwide to the agricultural industry’s active buyers three times a month. Quick turnaround from closing dates to printing and mailing ensures that price-sensitive inventory gets immediate and maximum exposure. Ag Ads® delivers tremendous value with it’s qualified circulation - now approximately 45,000 copies each month. Additionally, thousands are distributed at major trade shows throughout the year as well as an electronic version e-mailed to industry professionals. Quick turnaround from closing dates to printing and mailing, ensures that price-sensitive inventory gets immediate and maximum exposure.

Display Advertising Rates for Black and White Ads
  1 Issue 12 Issues
24 Issues
36 Issues
Full Page 700 630 560 490
Half Page 395 355 316 277
1/4 Page 205 185 164 144
1/8 Page 108 98 86 76
Call for Color Ad Pricing ( 800-255-7215 )
Classified Advertising Rates      

Minimum classified run is 3 consecutive issues. Per Issue Rates: Minimum charge of $15.00 per issue for ads with 20 words or less. Each additional word over 20 is 30 per word. Classified ads automatically renew after 3 issues unless advertiser notifies staff.

To enable us to serve you better, please specify the classification under which you wish your ad to appear.

  • Bold Ads . . .................Additional 10¢ per word.

  • Blind ads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4 extra per issue (name and address withheld, our box number used)

  • Blank line or short line. . . . . $3 per line, per issue (used in separating lines or equipment)
Contact A Salesperson      
To learn more about Ag Ads® exciting advertising opportunities contact April Armer or Angie Lindsay to learn more about our display ads.
Publisher does not assume responsibility for the contents of advertisements, and all representations or warrants made in such advertising are those of the advertiser and not of the publisher. Advertisements must be typed, publisher does not assume responsibility for any hand written advertisement misprints. After first run, publisher does not accept responsibility for mistakes in advertisements. Publisher is not liable to advertiser for any misprints in advertising not the fault of the publisher. In such an event, the limit of the publishers liability shall be only the amount of the publisher’s charge for such advertising.


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