Ag Ads - July 10, 2018

2 800-872-0164 July 10th, 2018 CarlYaegel: 217-454-3550 • Ph: 217.330.7164 102 N. 18th Street • P.O. Box 136 • Decatur, IL 62525 United Millwright & Manufacturing LLC. Metal Buildings Industrial Piping Ladders, Platforms, Handrails Industrial CPVC & PVC Piping Grain Facilities Tanks United Millwrights & Manufacturing LLC. is a company that was started with a group of employees that together have over 110 years of experience. UMM believes in taking care of the customer like they are a part of our family. We all still hold values that were taught to us in the beginning - hardwork - quality - safety - brothers keeper - morals and ethics, and most of all FAITH! UMMpromises to provide our customers the type of partnerships of old.Whatever your business needs, we have an answer and we will do our best to give you satisfaction on a job well done and done with the quality our customers deserve. w Commercial Facilities w Shop Fabrication w Fall Arrest w Tank Fabrication w Sheet Metal w Spouting w Structural Steel w Grain Facilities for Farmers w Plant Maintenance Crews w Shutdown & Outage Coverage w Concrete Work w Metal Buildings w Catwalks, Handrails, Ladders w Piping w Dumpster Fabricating & Repair (All Types) -ODULAR $ESIGN !DVANTAGES s ,OW COST INITIAL INVESTMENT s "ASIC UNITS HAVE THE SAME HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION AS THE LARGER UNITS s 6ERY LOW MAINTENANCE 3CREENS CA BE REPLACE EASILY FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLEANING s -ODULES FOR AIR SEPARATION METERING FEED AND ADDITIONAL SCREEN AREA AVAILABLE s N D 7KH 0RELOH 6FUHHQ 0DFKLQH 0LQL $LU 6FUHHQ 0DFKLQH -OBILE 3CREEN !DVANTAGES s &AST SETUP TIME s #LEAN AT ANY BIN SITE s (IGH CAPACITY s ,OW ( 0 UNDER ( 0 s "ALL CLEANING SCREENS STAY CLEAN /THER !DVANTAGES s 6ERY LARGE SCREEN AREA s #OUNTERBALANCED SMOOTH OPERATION s 6ARIABLE PITCH SHAKE AND SPEED #APACITIES s 5P TO B U PER HOUR SIZING MALTINGBLY s 5P TO B U ON REMOVAL OF DOCKAGE 5SED %QUIPMENT !VAILABLEØØ